James Amefi


Date of birth: 1994, Accra, Ghana

Domicile: Accra

Title of study: Diploma in Information Technology

About the university:

Wisconsin International University College



I am writing to sincerely express my gratitude to ZIKOMO and its proud members for giving me tzhe opportunity to accomplish my goals in the educational grounds. I am so honored to be a part of this family and I am going to put in my all to be a success. 

I am boy of 24 years and I go by the name Amefi James. I am a Ghanaian , born and bred in Accra but lived in a children’s home all my life because I have no parents nor siblings around me. Beside studying, I like participating in sports most especially football. 

I completed senior high school in the year 2013 and at age of 19, but I wasn’t able to go straight to the university because the children’s home doesn’t support tertiary education. For these reason, I had to do a one year course in networking engineering which was supported by a charity organization. This qualification wasn’t enough for getting a good job in Ghana so I decided to work with the aim saving money towards attaining a tertiary education later on in life to get a better job. I worked as a primary teacher in the area of science and mathematics, it was interesting and I gained a lot of experience but I noticed that teaching wasn’t what I wanted to all my life. I have always been fascinated by the field of computers so I applied for the IT course at the Wisconsin International University College and I got the admission. I am now a student of this university since January 2018 and I am really enjoying the course because that is the field I have always dreamt of.

At the same I have been struggling with the payment of fees. I have no help with that from the outside so I had to use the savings from my job as teacher and I had to borrow from friends to make the payment of fees possible for the first and second semester. Now with your support, I am able to continue my studies for the next 3 years. 

Thank you all once again for your generosity and faith in me. With your sponsorship I can achieve my goals and build up a stable life. My reason to study is to have a better profession to hold a better future so that I can be able to support myself and not always be dependent on other people. Another and the most important reason is to be a better person to the people around me and my next generation.

Yours sincerely, 

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