Ronald Mbekeani


Date of birth: 15.12.1997

Domicile: Malawi

Title of study: Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science

About the university:

DMI St. John The Baptist University (

I, Ronald Mbekeani, am writing this letter to introduce myself to ZIKOMO association at it's donors.

In the picture you see me infront of some Malawian tea plantations.

I was born in Blantyre at Queen Elizabeth hospital in 1997 in a family of five children and I am the last born.

But due to some problems I was raised by my cousin and my older siblings were the ones responsible for my school payments at padre pio secondary school and techno brain training collage. But there were still some more problems which ended up me having troubles, so i had to skip classes, as my family couldn’t afford to pay the expensive collage school fee.

But now my family has been relived from the big problem we had and soon I will be going back to school to continue my studies at DMI STJOHN'S BAPTIST UNIVERSITY because of the help of ZIKOMO association.


Ronald J. Mbekeani

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