Daina Tamani

Date of birth: 1980

Domicile: Lilongwe

Title of study: Advanced Dilpoma in Procurement and Supply

About the university:

Lilongwe Technical College

I am Daina Tamani, a 38 years old lady divorced with a child and second born in the family of five children. I live at Biwi in the capital city of Lilongwe and am a Malawian by nationality.
Since when I was young I really wanted to become an entrepreneur. I got married at an early age due to that I did not go further with education. After going through a lot in my marriage we parted ways and since then I have been taking care of my son as a single parent. Life has never been easy to earn a living for myself and my child because I did not have any work qualification, even the Malawi school certificate of education since I left secondary school in form 3.
Then I started selling tomatoes so as to earn a living with very little capital. Whilst doing my small scale business I decided to go back to school and restarted in form 3 in the year 2013. Lucky enough I managed to get a Malawi school certificate of education in 2015 though it wasn’t easy in the sense that I had to balance and manage my time for my business as well as to attend night classes. So to go further with tertiary education was just a dream as I cannot manage to pay for my school fees from my earnings.
“Procurement and Supply” is the course that am going to undertake this coming January 2019. This course will help in many ways not only as a career but in my field of business in the sense that the success of any business today is more dependent on the performance of its supply chain.
I wish I could go as far as degree level and be a role model to my fellow ladies who have gone through similar situations by challenging the world that age is not a limit to one’s dream, as long as chances are there. The moment I heard about ZIKOMO, I started praying for it so that I can be part of the ZIKOMO family and am really humbled and grateful that ZIKOMO will help me reach my destiny.
Once again many thanks to ZIKOMO members for the sponsorship. May the good Lord bless every member.
Yours Sincerely,

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