Daudi Dastani Kayuni

Date of birth: 11.10.1985

Domicile: Iringa

Title of study: Community Development

About the university:


Current situation:

Mit Jänner 2013 konnte Daudi sein Studium erfolgreich mit Diplom abschließen.

Wir wünschen ihm alles Gute für seine weitere berufliche Zukunft!

Dear sponsors,

i`m very happy to say thank you for your kind support in the level of diploma in community development for two years.
Your participation for me was wonderful all time, so that i would like to say thanks to all leaders,thanks to all sponsors and the association ZIKOMO team.
The above picture is me on the day of graduation. I would like to
say thanks for every things your doing for all time.

Daudi D. Kayuni


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