Elias Sakwiya

Domicile: Lilongwe, Malawi

About the university:

Malawi college of health sciences (MCHS)


Current situation:
Dear zikomo I here by write this letter to show my appreciation concerning my  selection  to be one of zikomo students. Iam really thankful you have lighten my future which was going dull.  I was  raised in a family of 6 children and me being the fifth born. My father is an old man he finds it difficult to aid my tertiary education because higher education here in Malawi is very expensive such that most poor families can't afford to pay for the costs.
I was selected to pursue a diploma in optometry at Malawi college of health sciences in 2019.  But at that time we did not have  money to pay for my cost, that's when I come across zikomo. I heard about this organization through a friend and I didn't hesitate I contacted and was directed to meet a representative  based in the city I live (Lilongwe ) who tirelessly assist me in my application. my special appreciation to him.
This finding will help me complete my studies in this two year journey( since I have completed already my first year). To finish the first year it wasn't a joke I go through ups and downs and we even sell the small piece of land the family had to aid my cost and tuition.
Now iam happy that you will be assisting me your help is not taken for granted it has motivated me to work hard to achieve my goals so that i may help  my country. Being an optician to me I take it as a blessing and I can not let this blessing slip out of may hands, there are  many patient here who need optical care and in Malawi opticians are few in hospital so completion of my studies w
ill help  lessen huge workload the optometry  department  had in hospitals around the country.
Lastly, i thank all zikomo officials and donors who are tirelessly making sure that an African child is kept in school you are like a father to many. my greetings to all zikomo teams across the world you are doing a great job this charity transformers lives of those who can not afford greater things on their own you are indeed a helpful Pilar long live the organization.
With regards
Elias sakwiya.
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