Getrude Kapyepye

Date of birth: 31.12.1997

Domicile: Lilongwe

Title of study: Bachelor in Human Sciences and Community Services

About the university:

Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR)

Current situation:

Getrude finished her studies in 2021, the graduation ceremony took place in 2022 due to Corona.

---- This is the letter in the end of her studies ----

I would like to extent my gratitude to ZIKOMO for sponsoring my bachelors of science in Human science and community services at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural resources in Malawi. ZIKOMO sponsored my study from second semester of 1st year, them stepping in after the application process facilitated my performance as I did better in that semester till completion of my degree compared to the 1st semester. My 1st semester results come out badly because of the stress I used to have concerning my inability to pay the tuitions fee. I was 18 years old by then (2016) and I saw the open door to success almost being shut. Gladly ZIKOMO supported my studies and kept the door wider open for me to achieve exploits and now I am considering to apply and pursue Masters in Public Health.

Right now, I am working with Malawi Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (MSRHR) as a youth programme coordinator empowering youth and women to stand for their rights.

Thank you, ZIKOMO, I am a degree holder now :)
Best wishes,

---- This is Getrude's letter to ZIKOMO in the beginning of her studies in the year 2016 ----

Dear ZIKOMO Community,
I am Getrude Kapyepye from Mangochi, Malawi. aged 19. I am pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Human Science and Community Services.
It has been my desire to work within the health sector and right now I can see my dreams coming true! This makes me very happy.
One thing i like and enjoy most is cooking as I like exploring new recipes.

Thank you very much for your support. ZIKOMO kwambiri!




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