Jacqueline S Jijide


Domicile: Lilongwe, Malawi

Title of study: Bachelor in Journalismus und Kommunikationswissenschaften

About the university:

Pentecostal Life University, Lilongwe

Dauer: 4 Semester
Kosten: 450 Euro pro Semester
End of study: Dezember 2021

My name is Jacqueline Jijide, the third born in the family of four children, three girls and a boy. Born some 27 years ago in the Northern region of Malawi precisely Karonga district, but my home district is Thyolo. Raised and schooled and in Dedza district, where my mother works as an Agricultural Extension Worker. Currently based in Lilongwe with my younger brother.
Well, I am a 3rd year student at Pentecostal Life University in Malawi, pursuing a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. My motivation to study this course dates back in the days of my primary school. Even though I was so young, I recall vividly the mixed feeling I used to get the moment I could see my classmate lacking basic needs like food and clothes. This cutting issue pushed me to do journalism, just to become the voice of the voiceless for the less privileged.
Talking about my likings, I am somebody who loves to pick up challenges and see how far it ends. I love reading news and writing things, motivating other people through biblical things by fighting the battles on the knees. I also love interacting with others both on the social media and face to face. Cooking local foods is also my hobby.
I have spent much of my life with my brother I live with. Many are the times we encourage each other and push more for the greater future. Having a single parent(mother) who raised us by herself is not a joke, she could sacrifice everything just to see us become better and educated in this life. A mother who has taken a lot of bullets for her children to grow since our father left us. We have been through a lot of storms like financial crisis, lacking good clothes, and unable to go further with our education since she cannot manage to provide all the needed money to us all. This is the reason I had to stay 7 years to pursue this degree, but today I have a new song to sing.
I would like to thank the Association Zikomo, for coming to my aid when I raised my outcry about my academic crisis. Honestly speaking, I don’t find the right words to express my gratitude towards this big testimony. My sister came across this scholarship and tipped me to apply on the opportune time. I submitted my documents on the very last day, only to be told a very good news from Zikomo. Thank you so much, I can now breathe and study at peace knowing my tuition issue is in the safe hands. This scholarship has come at the right time, when I needed it most otherwise my future was at the crisis of hitting the walls once again. I cannot wait to be the people’s voice. Blessed to be part of Zikomo family, may God bless you all the people of Zikomo.
Zikomo Kwambiri,
Yours faithfully,

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