James Amefi

Domicile: Accra, Ghana

Title of study: Diploma in Information Technology

About the university:

Wisconsin International University College


Current situation:

Das ist James Brief an ZIKOMO:


Let me use this opportunity to show my profound gratitude to ZIKOMO, its honorable members and all the donors for your love and care shown to me during my study in uni. All your helps didn’t go unnoticed and most importantly, your financials support did not go waste through my study at Wisconsin International University College, Accra-Ghana. At the start of my studies, where I had no idea help was going to come from, you showed up and never let me down.

At the time I was applying for university, I had no idea where help was going to come from, but today, I can boldly say that I am a holder in Bachelor in Science and Information Technology and all thanks to ZIKOMO and its team. Your help has brought me a step closer to my dreams and aspirations, your help will go a long way because it set my basis for a brighter future ahead.

I also want to use to letter to point the fact that you trusted me to being the first Ghanaian to be recruited on your program, much appreciated. I am filled with huge gratitude and even much bigger pride. I hope to also share the love you showed me through my hard times to people who might need my help someday. God richly bless you for the countless lives you are saving here in Africa.

Warm regards,

Amefi James.

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