Joyce Sipano Nikirrimpa

Date of birth: 04.04.1989

Domicile: Ngong

Title of study: Bachelor in "Education Arts"

About the university:


Current situation:

Mit Mai 2014 konnte Joyce ihr Studium erfolgreich abschließen und fand eine Anstellung als Lehrerin.

Dear Zikomo,

Let me share with you what i am planning to do after my last semester. First immediately after the coming month of April,i will try my best to secure a teaching job in one of the secondary school near my parents home so that i can be going to teach from home everyday. Although it is hard to secure a job during that term in Kenya, i hope God to open a door for me because i don't want to stay bored at home as there is no much work to be done especially when in our home place the land is not fertile to cultivate compared to other places in the country like Narok where the people are very busy preparing the land during this rainy season. Secondly, I desire to continue with other small causes like a Kasneb course called cpa. I feel the added certificates will make me to be competent in my career field. This is why i want to get a job even if for a small pay before i qualify to be taken by tse (teachers service commission) which is possible only after a graduate and get my certificate despite the fact that they usually delay to take people. So when i get the little money i will pay to complete my computer course to get a certificate, cpa, which i will try to do during my part time and other important courses including driving training.

Remember that my graduation is late this year. Lastly, i can also say i am hoping to get married
some years later. I don`t know how long it will take but i hope to. You have to understand me my
dear friend since it is bad luck for a lady to stay single the rest of her life in our community.

However, during this era some ladies has succeed to do so but i personally desire to get married
later since i feel i will be able to work hard and assist many needy people as i had been help.

I often think of starting a big organisation to support the needy on my own, i feel with God help i
will make it. Since every plan just require a sequence of planning arrangements and nothing is

i hope to meet you one day my dear sponsers. You have been extremely good to me through out my study period and may the almighty God reward you greatly.

Asante sana!

Nice moments, Joyce Sipano

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