Robert Odong

Domicile: Kumi, Uganda

Title of study: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB)

About the university:

Kampala International University(KIU)- Western Campus.

Duration: 5 and half years ( 11 Semesters)

Cost per semester: 6,000,000 Uganda Shillings (Ug.shs)

Expected end of studies: End of 2026

Dear ZIKOMO Family,

I greet you all in the awesome name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My name is ODONG ROBERT, I’m a Ugandan born from a district called BUKEDEA but currently living in a nearby district called Kumi.
I’m writing this to extend my sincere gratitude to ZIKOMO For the great opportunity offered unto me to become one of the ZIKOMO beneficiaries.
It’s such a huge blessing and a turning point of my life, thank you for giving me hope of completing my course and achieving my dream of serving humanity with quality knowledge as a qualified medical doctor.
Throughout my whole life of school, i have had serious struggles with fees/tuition and always almost posing school. But your kind consideration of me has brought a great and heavy relief, thank you very much!

I happen to come from a polygamous family of more than 5 wives to my one father. Unfortunately, none of the children have had the opportunity to get through with school. Our dad neglected us right from childhood up-to-date!
On the side of my mother, she’s completely an illiterate woman depending entirely on agriculture for a living, she’s a mother of 8 and i’m her fifth born. But there are other children to my dad from other women (nevertheless, none of them have studied up-to higher levels- many dropped out of school and are now married).

I entirely grew up with my elder sister at her home away from my parents struggling to see that i get some education and my local home church too until i was able to attain some diploma in orthopaedic medicine in 2017 July.
When i completed my diploma, i tried to do some work in away of trying to help home people but couldn’t support all that much.
It’s in the process of work and situation that i passionately desired to add more knowledge in order to serve and help people better.
My colleagues at work also saw how good i was and encouraged me to pursue more education.

A friend of mine at work had promised to support me in getting back to school but along the way, couldn’t support me anymore and that’s how my struggles at school resumed again. It was until God connected me to Fabian that i began to see hope of continuing with school again.
I’m currently in my second year,second semester doing Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) at Kampala International University, Uganda.
The second semester has already stared on the 8th/August/2022.
The sponsorship you have granted to me restores a lot of hope to my dream of becoming a medical doctor as it has not been easy at all to pay my tuition fees and this has always affected my stay at school because i couldn’t seat for any exams without fully paying all the tuition fees.
I strongly believe one day, I’ll also be able to help someone in this world to achieve their goals in life just as you have helped me.
I’m really so grateful, thank you so much. God bless you.

Yours sincerely,
Kumi (Uganda).

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