Zewelanji NAKAONA

Domicile: Kitwe, Zambia

Title of study: Bachelor of Science in Medicine and Surgery

About the university:

Lusaka Apex Medical University, homepage: www.lamu.edu.zm

1st and 2nd year: Premedical Sciences, 

3rd and 4th year: Preclinicals, 

5th, 6th and 7th year: Clinicals (Internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, paediatrics and child health, public health,clinical medicine and therapeutics, psychiatry Internal medicine and surgery sub-specialties)   

Current situation:

Duration: 7 years, 14 semesters
Costs: 870 Euro per semester
Expected end of studies: 2024

Current situation: Zewelanji is currently in her 6th year, in December 2021 she graduated with Bachelors Degree of Science in Human Biology and will graduate finally in 2024 with Bachelor of Science in Medicine and Surgery.

This is Zewelanjis letter to ZIKOMO and donors:

“Dear Zikomo, 

last year I sat for my fourth year exams, which enabled me obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Biology and paved way for me to proceed into fifth year to continue my pursuit in acquiring my Medicine and Surgery degree. 

However, there was a setback in my continuation of studies due to financial difficulties as my sole provider was unable to continue to provide and support for all that was required for me to continue and finish my remaining three years of clinical studies.

 Today I write to express my sincere gratitude to ZIKOMO for having accepted my application and the hope restored of having me continues with my studies. I am grateful to the ZIKOMO family for providing an ideal opportunity for me to learn, work and grow towards my goal in gaining realworld experience in Medicine and Surgery. I am ready to work harder and do the very best I can to achieve my goals and contribute to helping people in need of health services. 

Thank you for welcoming me to the ZIKOMO family. 


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