Einfach so… ein Brief von Joseph aus Malawi


Greetings from Zomba!
I hope all is well. Am doing good, having busy days as in two weeks time we shall begin our end of semester- and year-exams.
I write to give my personal growth experience over this academic year‎ as we are about to end school for this year. In the first place I would like to thank the Zikomo family for the financial support and encouragement you render in my education and more particularly Mr. Philipp and Redson.

The experience this year has been unique in my academic life, I have been involved in some practical aspect of the law more particularly in commercial law clinic. This year we had a project comparing village banks and financial institutions (Banks) and the role of the law in regulating these two institutions. I have learnt a lot in this project especially the preference of local people in the village banks in contrast to the formal banks and how the law can help local people improve their business in their locality.
Despite some successes there were some hindrance here and there and one of them was the unexpected of closure in August due to the increase of the school fees. This led to the semester to be longer than expected. But all in all here we are finishing the semester.
In general, there have been worries of many students to be withdrawn from university next academic year on financial ground as the economy in Malawi continues to go down and poverty level is indeed at alarming rate.
If all goes well and I pass my exams which I am optimistic to do so, next year I shall enter my final year. We are most likely to open end of March 2017.

I wish you all the best as you prepare for christmas and a happy new year. I am always proud to be part of the Zikomo Family where I see my future of education being realised.

Joseph Chifundo Lihoma,
(third year) Law Student,
University of Malawi
Chancellor College

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